Follow the EHS Leader on Twitter

Follow the EHS Leader on Twitter

Do you tweet? We do! EHS Today, the leading environment, health and safety publication now is on Twitter. You can find us at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

For those of you who don’t tweet, Twitter is sort of like Facebook, but only with status updates. For those of you who don’t use Facebook, Twitter is a one- or two-sentence update about what’s going on in the world of EHS Today.

We might tell you about breaking news from OSHA, announce America’s Safest Companies or provide info about our newest podcast. Want to know what Webinars are coming up on the EHS Today schedule? You can sign up to follow our tweets and we’ll tell you.

If you’re already on Twitter, go to and become a follower of our tweets. If you’re not on Twitter, it’s easy to sign up at

We weren’t going to join Twitter, but then we realized that many of you already were finding content on our Web site and passing it along to your followers in your tweets. Since our Twitter account went active on Oct 1, there have been 22 clicks to our Web site from links posted in nine tweets. As the account gets more followers – right now we have six followers including me and I don’t count! – it provides another great way for our readers to get to the Web site.

And don’t forget we’re on Facebook as well! Just search for EHS Today and you’ll find us.

Happy tweeting, everyone!

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