New NSC Tool Helps Promote At-Home Employee Safety

Nearly three times as many employees suffer injuries while not at work. To address this alarming trend, the National Safety Council (NSC) created the Family Safety & Health Employer Resource, a tool for safety professionals, wellness coordinators, HR professionals and others to promote safety beyond the workplace.

This free, online resource assists with integrating family safety and health into existing safety programs and targets the leading causes of injury, illness and death.

Employers benefit from helping employees stay safe and healthy around the clock, NSC said. Besides increasing employee satisfaction and boosting productivity, a comprehensive safety and health program can be financially beneficial. The average company pays an estimated $820 for every employee each year in off-the-job injuries, including costs associated with absenteeism, health care, productivity and unscheduled work interruptions. NSC’s tool identifies the necessary elements for a comprehensive safety and health program.

This resource combines effective tools, materials and activities to help any size organization develop and maintain a successful needs-based program. Five modules currently are available, including building your family safety and health program, driving safety, preventing unintentional overdoses, vaccine-preventable disease and tobacco cessation. Two additional modules – healthy eating and increasing physical activity – will be available soon.

To start using this free resource, sign up at

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