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NSC 2019: Impossible is a Total Fallacy

National Safety Council opens 2019 conference with Mick Ebeling.

Mick Ebeling is utilizing technology for the sake of humanity.

The founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs was the opening keynote speaker the 2019 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo in San Diego.

"We look for things we consider to be absurd, usually social issues, and we jump on those absurdities," he told the packed conference ballroom. We try to solve them and make it assessible for people."

Ebeling drew parallels between his company and the safety industry, telling the story about how Not Impossible Labs creates devices and software to assist those with challenges such as poverty, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson's disease. Safety professionals, he said, identify "absurdities" or hazards in the workplace and commit to changing processes or implementing technology to create a safe environment for all employees.

"Impossible is a total fallacy," he said. "The way that you change the world is that you start individually...not waiting for someone else to do it for them or for permission."

Change starts with a commitment to change the disparities of one person or issue that will cascade into solving that same problem for others.

Ebeling pointed to audience members, mentioning that NSC members are staying in hotels and will likely not have to worry about from where their next meal is coming. 

He asked them, "Can we establish that we're blessed? How can you use this to help other people?"

He concluded to a standing ovation, "Who will be the one person you're going to help?"


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