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Only Two Weeks Left to Apply for the America’s Safest Companies Award!!

Only Two Weeks Left to Apply for the America’s Safest Companies Award!!

Each year for the past 13 years, EHS Today has honored the best of the best with the America’s Safest Companies Award. The deadline is July 15. Have you applied?

More than 175 companies since 2002 have been recognized as America’s Safest Companies. While the recognition comes with a lovely crystal award, that’s not the best part. And while many companies acknowledge the award via press releases and on their web sites and in annual reports, the bragging rights aren’t the most important aspect of winning the award.

The best part of being named one of America’s Safest Companies is the company you keep: Owens Corning, Milliken & Company, Morton Salt, Great Lakes Construction Co., Raytheon, Honeywell, Alcoa, Bell Helicopter, Honda, Delta Airlines, Caterpiller… the list is long and distinguished. The awards ceremony itself, held during our Safety Leadership Conference, provides opportunities to network with current and past winners, as well as with some of the leading experts in safety leadership.

See the EHS Today photo gallery, "Best Practices from the 2013 America's Safest Companies."

The award is a corporate recognition, not a facility award. We wish we could honor all the folks doing great work at individual facilities, but that’s just not possible right now. Past winners are welcome to apply as well, but you must wait five years from your previous win to do so.

So, take a moment to read about our 2013 America’s Safest Companies winners and download the 2014 America’s Safest Companies application.

If you can demonstrate support from management and employee involvement; provide innovative solutions to safety challenges; report injury and illness rates significantly lower than the average for your industry; sustain comprehensive training programs; support the belief that that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; have integrated safety into your corporate culture and communicate the value of safety to employees and customers; and substantiate the benefits of the safety process, then your company has a great chance to be recognized as one of America’s Safest Companies.

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