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Oregon OSHA Releases Safety Courses in Spanish

Educational offerings are free and available online.

State-run Oregon OSHA has released three safety courses translated in Spanish as part of its free online training.

The three courses – Safety Meetings and Committees, Accident Investigation and Hazard Identification – are available at the agency's Safety Committee Suite web page.

“These changes provide employers and workers with a clearinghouse of training resources designed to meet key regulatory requirements and to reach a broader audience,” said Roy Kroker, consultation and public education manager for Oregon OSHA, in a statement.

The agency is encouraging employers to integrate the online courses offered at its website with policies and practices specific to their workplaces. The goal of the videos is to enhance employers' safety programs and assist them with meeting requirements.

Oregon OSHA advocated for the use of its Safety Committee Suite offerings, writing:

Most employers in Oregon must have a safety committee or hold safety meetings. Such committees or meetings enable workers and managers to regularly discuss and address on-the-job safety and health concerns. They are critical components in helping make continuous improvement to safety and health programs.

To be effective, however, safety committee members need training. That’s where the Safety Committee Suite comes in. Completing the three courses that make up the suite satisfies the basic requirements for training safety committee members.

The following three training courses are available:

  • Accident Investigation:  Teaches employers and workers about the fundamentals of conducting a workplace accident investigation, including securing the scene, collecting facts, and conducting interviews.
  • Hazard Identification: Walks employers and workers through the types of workplace hazards, correcting hazards, conducting safety and health inspections, and writing an effective safety inspection report.
  • Safety Committees and Meetings:  Delves into the safety committee and meeting requirements for your business, including the number of committee members, how often to meet, and functions to perform as a committee member or while attending a meeting.
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