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Raytheon Teams Up for Safety

Raytheon Teams Up for Safety

This large company integrates EHS vertically throughout the organization

Raytheon Co., a technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets, employs 72,000 workers at 150 sites worldwide. Even with such a broad scope, Raytheon puts forth a cohesive effort when it comes to workplace safety.

“When one site takes an initiative for best practices, we incorporate it company-wide,” says Paul Zybert, senior manager of corporate EHS.

The company especially pulls together to protect workers from their largest injury risks: ergonomics hazards and slips and falls. By teaming up across sites, Zybert says, Raytheon reduces the likelihood of injury. For example, ergonomists at every division have monthly meetings with the corporate ergonomist to consider and develop solutions to ergonomics-related issues. The company encourages employee involvement - one site even created homemade “Safety Idol” videos to raise awareness of slip and fall hazards.

Raytheon also maintains a company-wide business continuity plan in the event of disasters. This way, Raytheon can be prepared to maintain its operations in the aftermath of an emergency, whether it's a hurricane or a terrorist attack.

“We have robust business continuity planning and disaster planning,” Zybert says. “It's really quite ambitious.”

Additionally, the company has a wellness program, works to reduce waste and preserve resources and has won a slew of safety and environmental awards. But one of Raytheon's standout qualities is that EHS is integrated vertically among all levels of the organization. Business presidents meet monthly with the CEO for operations reviews, where they track critical EHS issues such as ergonomics, industrial hygiene and safety risk assessments.

“All of that is rolled up through the CEO and everyone is held accountable for it,” says Zybert. “When their thoughts on a strategy are brought to the business and EHS directors, that's how you set everyone marching to the same tune.”

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