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RoadSafe Traffic Systems Walks – Drives? – The Talk

A provider of traffic safety services has to be safe on the roads, right? RoadSafe Traffic Systems Inc. has initiated a new, Stop Work Authority (SWA) policy for all employees.

RoadSafe hopes to maintain a consistently safe and secure work environment, and the policy is intended as a safeguard against any and all risk or exposure to personal harm, property damage or adverse effects to the environment.

“Management fully supports, encourages and expects that employees exercise their right – regardless of their position – to stop work if they see any unsafe action or non-action of any party involved in our operations that could lead to the occurrence of a harmful event,” said David Myers, RoadSafe’s executive chairman. “No negative actions relating to an employee’s employment will occur, provided that the SWA is exercised in good faith.”

Under the policy, if any employee sees an unsafe condition, he or she has the responsibility to stop it and correct the condition. If the employee cannot immediately correct the condition, he or she must report it to a supervisor for expeditious handling. Meanwhile, the operation is ceased until the correction is made. Examples of such conditions include a towing hitch showing wear, a coworker not using the proper lifting technique, or an improperly secured load.

RoadSafe Traffic Systems Inc. is one of the nation’s largest providers of traffic safety and pavement marking services, with more than 22 branches in the East, Southeast, Midwest, MidSouth and Western regions of the United States. 

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