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Speak Up Stay Safe New online game and app for teens
<p> British Safety Council</p>

Speak Up, Stay Safe: New Safety Campaign Targets Teen Workers

The British Safety Council’s “Speak Up, Stay Safe” campaign has released an interactive online game to help teens and young workers better understand the importance of workplace health and safety.

“Too many young people are being killed, injured or made ill at work. In many cases, lack of information, lack of work experience and lack of confidence are to blame. Such tragedies can be avoided by taking some simple actions.” So begins the British Safety Council’s Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign message, which strives to educate teens about occupational safety. Now, the campaign’s free online game and app will help these young workers stay safe on the job.

“The Missing: A Dangerous Truth,” allows youngsters to complete puzzles and find hidden dangers as they work to discover why some people in Shadow Hills go to work but never come back.

“This is breaking new ground for British Safety Council and for our sector,” said Alex Botha, British Safety Council CEO. “We know it’s difficult to reach young people, but it’s their attitude to risk and being able to speak up that will make the difference in the future.”

The game is part of the larger Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign, which offers tips to help keep teens safe when they enter the workplace, including:

  • If it feels unsafe, it probably is. Stop what you’re doing. SPEAK UP.
  • Trust your instincts and be confident. SPEAK UP.
  • Don’t pretend you know or can do something if you’re not sure. SPEAK UP.
  • Be prepared and alert – fatigue, alcohol or drugs won’t help you be safe. SPEAK UP.

The campaign Web site also has information for employers to help them keep their young workers safe.

“The Missing” game is a project of the Inspired by London 2012 program and was created by Digital Giving in the style of a gothic novel. The interactive online game features colorful designs, directs users to information about the safety campaign and is available on Apple and Android devices.

Visit the Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign site to learn more.

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