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Sunfield Inc. Reaches $1 Million Settlement with OSHA

Company reps must meet with OSHA quarterly to discuss safety procedures.

Ohio auto parts manufacturer Sunfield Inc. must pay a hefty penalty and change safety procedures in a settlement with OSHA.

The company must pay $1 million in fines and hire an EHS professional to resolve numerous safety and health violations.

“Employers have an obligation under the law to ensure safe and healthy workplaces,” said OSHA’s Chicago-area Regional Administrator Ken Nishiyama Atha. “In addition to paying a $1 million penalty, this company has committed to invest in the safety and health of its employees and work cooperatively with OSHA.”

The violations were found after OSHA investigated Sunfield’s Hebron, Ohio facility following January and February 2016 incidents in which two workers suffered severe injuries after coming into contact into moving machine parts.

The inspection also found that the company lacked adequate power press guarding, and hazardous energy control procedures that could have prevented the incidents.

As part of the settlement, Sunfield also agreed to revise die-change procedures, develop a program for ensuring installed light curtains and interlocks are functioning properly prior to each shift, work with third-party auditors to complete a safety and health audit of its facility, according to OSHA.

In addition, the company must meet quarterly with OSHA staff to assure implementation of this agreement.

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