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VPPPA Taps Mike Maddox to be Executive Director

Maddox initiated Voluntary Protection Programs at 37 NuStar Energy sites in his previous position.

Mike Maddox has been hired as the executive director of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, or VPPPA.

The former vice president of corporate Voluntary Protection Programs for NuStar Energy, Maddox has more than 20 years of VPP experience and more than 40 years of occupational safety and health experience. 

In the past, he has implemented VPP for 37 NuStar Energy sites, provided mentoring services for companies to achieve VPP status, served as a special government employee (SGE) and participated in 130 VPP on-site audits, according to the organization.

Maddox has been a long-time subject matter expert on the VPP program. He retired as VPPPA chairman in Aug. 2016 and from NuStar Energy in 2017.

Former OSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor, Ed Foulke, and the VPPPA Region VI regional administrator previously recognized Maddox for aiding the agency with process safety management training requirements, according to VPPPA.

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