Just kidding The Hershey Co.

Just kidding!

When Companies Stop Being Serious and Start Being Funny

For one day each year, businesses no longer are competing in the world market for the next best idea or game-changing breakthrough. On April Fools Day, they embark on an effort to outprank each other.

Gmail kicked off corporate America’s ode to April Fools Day a day early, unveiling on March 31 its new feature: theShelfie – the SHareable sELFIE. 

They soon were joined by Fruit of the Loom’s Undie Iron; the #SelfieBot from Orbotix, which makes the smartphone-controlled toy ball, Sphero; and Reese's, which tweeted an ad for its popular peanut butter cups promoting the peanut butter-free peanut butter cup.

See the pranks and their descriptions in the IndustryWeek slideshow “April Fools' Day: When Businesses Prank [SLIDESHOW],” by Ginger Christ.

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