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Just kidding The Hershey Co.
<p>Just kidding!</p>

When Companies Stop Being Serious and Start Being Funny

For one day each year, businesses no longer are competing in the world market for the next best idea or game-changing breakthrough. On April Fools Day, they embark on an effort to outprank each other.

Gmail kicked off corporate America’s ode to April Fools Day a day early, unveiling on March 31 its new feature: theShelfie – the SHareable sELFIE. 

They soon were joined by Fruit of the Loom’s Undie Iron; the #SelfieBot from Orbotix, which makes the smartphone-controlled toy ball, Sphero; and Reese's, which tweeted an ad for its popular peanut butter cups promoting the peanut butter-free peanut butter cup.

See the pranks and their descriptions in the IndustryWeek slideshow “April Fools' Day: When Businesses Prank [SLIDESHOW],” by Ginger Christ.

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