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Get your video posted - it's easy and it's free! Read below to learn how you can submit your video to SafetyLive TV.

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SafetyLive TV Editorial Overview

We would like to share your videos from safety training sessions, safety committee meetings, or visual examples of how your company is promoting safety in the workplace.

Why Submit a Video?
SafetyLive TV puts the power of the Internet and video to work for safety and health marketers. At SafetyLive TV, viewers will find company video programs, product demonstrations, reports from industry trade shows and interviews with newsmakers.

The market for online video is growing at a rapid pace.

For safety marketers who have existing videos, SafetyLive TV offers a way to gain an additional audience for your product information. When you have a message you need to get to our expansive audience that simple text and graphics can’t convey,
SafetyLive TV can effortlessly and effectively deliver your message to thousands of new viewers to watch and learn from your company or association

Contact Us
Need to submit your video or have more questions?

Please contact Beth Brinton at 216.931.9209 or [email protected]

Video Specs


We accept the following video formats:

* If you have a video type that does appear in this list, please contact us for file submission.


In order to insure that your video can be watched in one viewing, we recommend keeping your video to under 10 minutes in length. The ideal video length is between 5 - 7 mintutes.


To ensure that your video plays with the best quality, we recommend that your file is under 20 MB.


When displaying your video on the site page, we require a static image for viewing and launching to your video. The image thumbnail should be 100 x 90 pixels.


A maximum 25-character headline and maximum 150-character abstract will help peak interest of our online readers. This information can be submitted at time of video submission.

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