Protection Update - October 2008

Protection Update - October 2008

News from the International Safety Equipment Association

In this Issue:
>> Welcome to a Very Special Protection Update
Seventy-five years ago, a small group of safety equipment industry pioneers came together to form an association to advance their businesses and the cause of worker protection. The Industrial Safety Equipment Association — as it was known for its first 66 years — was from the beginning a leader in safety equipment standardization, a trusted voice for the industry in Washington...

>> New Protection for Workers
Look for garments from ISEA members that meet ANSI/ISEA 101-1996 (R2008) - American National Standard for Limited- Use and Disposable Coveralls - Size and Labeling Requirements, or ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 - American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear, or ANSI/ISEA 207-2008 - American National Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Vests…

>> Washington Watch: Gaze into Worker Protection Future
As you know from this issue of Protection Update, the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) marks its 75th Anniversary this year. But we are not just reflecting on the old days. In fact, ISEA is looking forward — 25 years into the future toward our centennial.

>> Members: The Lifeblood of ISEA 50
Work on the job provides a livelihood and professional pride. Work around the home gives satisfaction while adding beauty, comfort and pleasure to life.

>> 1933-2008: ISEA Milestones
Since its founding, ISEA has been dedicated to the business needs of its member companies, developing product standards, representing them before Congress and government agencies, providing the forum for cooperative activities to grow their markets around the world. Listing all the accomplishments of ISEA and its product groups would fill a volume.

>> Members Share Views on Value of ISEA
For 75 years, ISEA and its members have been united in the common goal of developing products that protect the health and safety of people exposed to potentially harmful work environments.

>> Making Workers Safer Around the Nation
From the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – – are free safety and health evaluations for small businesses. Visit OSHA’s On-Site consultation program web page to get valuable information on how this program helps employers provide a safer working environment. The service is provided only at employers’ request and is delivered at no cost.

To read the entire October 2008 Protection Update, click here .

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