Miller Considers Future Priorities for Congress

In a Nov. 5 statement, Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, called Sen. Obama’s election a “victory for every child, student, worker and family in America” and detailed his priorities in Congress under an Obama-Biden administration.

Miller said that in the next Congress, he intends to keep his committee focused on rebuilding and strengthening America's middle class by creating jobs, improving public schools, making college more affordable and protecting retirement savings.

"During the past two years, the Education and Labor Committee has focused on strengthening our nation's middle class – a priority that Sens. Obama and Biden clearly share, as demonstrated by their careers and the focus of their historic campaign,” he said.

"In the next Congress, this committee will be dedicated to working with the new Obama-Biden administration and members of both parties of Congress to rescue our economy by rebuilding and strengthening America's middle class,” he continued. “We must get started right away by passing a Main Street recovery plan that will get Americans back to work and provide immediate relief to families and workers struggling with long-term unemployment and depleted state budgets.”

Miller added that the committee will work to improve schools, make college more affordable, create millions of jobs and commit to rebuilding roads, bridges and schools. He also emphasized the importance of protecting workers’ rights.

"We will fight to restore workers' rights, so that every American can benefit from economic opportunity,” he said. And we will make the preservation and strengthening of retirement savings a priority, so that all Americans can enjoy a secure retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

“Together, we can rescue our economy, restore the promise of the American Dream and ensure that, in a nation as great as ours, the interests of students, workers, families and retirees are at the heart of our nation's priorities,” said Miller.

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