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OSHA and Shipbuilders Council Address Shipyard Hazards

Electrocution and welding hot work hazards are among safety alerts addressed by a recently renewed alliance between OSHA and the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA).

The alerts, developed in conjunction with other alliance program participants, include "Electrocution and Shock Hazards in Shipyard Employment," "Welding and Other Hot Work Procedures in Shipyard Employment" and "Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO) Procedures in Shipyard Employment."

The alliance's goal is to provide SCA members, employers and employees in the shipbuilding industry, including those with limited English speaking abilities, with information about shipyard safety and health hazards. Ergonomics, electrical and noise hazards also will be addressed.

"Our 6-year alliance collaboration has produced products that provide recommendations and guidance for eliminating hazards experienced by shipyard workers," said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Donald G. Shalhoub. "Together, we will work to advance OSHA's core mission of protecting the health of workers across the country through enforcement, training and outreach services."

"SCA welcomes the opportunity to renew our national alliance with OSHA. For the past six years, the SCA/OSHA partnership, through the Alliance Program, has provided the tools necessary to promote workplace safety and health initiatives important to the shipbuilding and repair industry," added Steve Welch, SCA chairman. "SCA looks forward to another productive 2 years."

SCA is a national trade association representing the U.S. shipyard industry and more than 35,000 of its employees who build and repair commercial vessels. The association's four committees are New Build, Ship Repair, Safety and Human Resources and Environmental.

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