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OSHA Boasts Enforcement Figures for FY 2007

In a recent release of annual enforcement statistics, OSHA demonstrated that it exceeded its 2007 inspection goals and remains committed to strong enforcement.

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2007, OSHA conducted 39,324 total inspections, a 4.3 percent increase over its stated goal of 37,700. The agency found 88,846 total violations of its standards and regulations, a six percent increase FY 2006.

OSHA cited 67,176 serious violations, a nine percent increase from the previous year and a more than 12 percent increase over the past 4 years. The number of repeat violations also rose from 2,551 in FY 2006 to 2,714 in FY 2007.

“The fact that OSHA surpassed its inspection goal for FY 2007 proves our enforcement commitment remains strong,” said OSHA Administrator Edwin Foulke Jr. “The significant increase in citations for serious and repeat violations documents OSHA’s focus on identifying and eliminating severe hazards in the workplace.”

Fatality and injury and illness rates have continued to decline to record lows. The injury and illness incidence rate of 4.4 per 100 employees for 2006 was the lowest that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has ever recorded, according to the agency. Workplace fatality rates hit an all-time low in 2006 with 3.9 fatalities per 100,000 employees.

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