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Individualized Safety Plans Promote OSHA Compliance

Zurich Services Corp.’s risk engineering division is collaborating with OSHA Fast Fix, a company that provides written safety plans geared toward OSHA standard implementation, to offer industry-specific safety plans tailored to individual businesses’ needs.

Zurich’s partnership with OSHA Fast Fix will help customers improve workplace safety, address the causes of accidents and reduce workers’ compensation claims. The plans provide a foundation for businesses – large or small – to implement their own effective safety programs.

“Often, smaller businesses don’t have the manpower or expertise to devote to safety plan development,” said Jim Feltz, Zurich senior risk engineering consultant. In this case, he said, the plans can provide a complete safety program. But larger companies also benefit.

“For large customers with multiple locations, the plans can help provide uniform safety practices throughout their operations,” Feltz explained.

Zurich Safety Plans are available in both English and Spanish and include self-audit questions. According to OSHA Fast Fix President Meredith Taylor, the plans are presented in an accessible format to ensure that safety professionals aren’t the only ones who can easily comprehend and use the information.

“Each plan focuses on individual OSHA regulations and standards so customers can address one safety issue at a time,” Taylor said. The plans, she added, can help customers “take ownership of their safety program.”

Feltz pointed out that the collaboration ultimately will help customers “understand their workplace safety issues and help them to improve their safety experience.”

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