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OSHA Web Site Introduces RSS Feeds

OSHA recently implemented Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to provide Web site visitors with a personal, direct way to receive the latest agency news and information.

RSS is a Web-based technology used by businesses, organizations and the government to publish frequently updated online content. With RSS, OSHA Web site users can avoid the time-consuming, conventional browsing methods and instead have content delivered directly via e-mail messages.

“We are excited to implement this technology as we continue to expand access to OSHA’s products for our stakeholders,” said OSHA Administrator Edwin Foulke Jr. “RSS will help to ensure subscribers receive real-time news from OSHA.”

The RSS Reader regularly checks for new content on OSHA's Web site and provides a headline linking to the new posting, as well as a short description. OSHA news releases are the first RSS feed to be provided to stakeholders.

To receive the agency’s RSS feeds, users can download an RSS Reader or use a Web-based RSS Reader. For more information on subscribing to and using RSS feeds, visit OSHA’s new RSS page:

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