OSHA Forms Alliance with PandemicPrep.Org in St. Louis

OSHA’s St. Louis area office and PandemicPrep.Org have formed an alliance to provide information, guidance and access to training resources that will enhance public and occupational knowledge of pandemic influenza.

The alliance also will focus on disseminating timely information critical to the public, industry and government during an influenza pandemic, a capability central to OSHA's and PandemicPrep.Org's missions.

On its Web site, PandemicPrep.org is described as a consortium of businesses, organizations, universities, schools, hospitals and government agencies working to better prepare the St. Louis region for a pandemic.

"This cooperative alliance clearly illustrates OSHA's and PandemicPrep.Org's proactive engagement and commitment to prevention education by being at the forefront of informing the workforce and public before a pandemic occurs," said Charles E. Adkins, OSHA's regional administrator. "Cooperation between OSHA and PandemicPrep.Org will promote new ideas and opportunities to assist workers, employers and the public during an influenza pandemic."

PandemicPrep.Org and OSHA will collaborate on training and education programs for influenza pandemic preparation as well as means to communicate timely, critical information to the workforce and public during a pandemic. The alliance signatories will participate in conferences, forums, stakeholder meetings and other events that will focus on mitigating the threat of pandemic influenza.

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