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Ladder Losers [Photo Gallery]

The Ladder Association, the UK organization behind the annual “”Idiots on Ladders” competition, has returned, this time with the Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers competition.

From Oct. 1 through Nov. 11, followers of their Facebook page had the opportunity to post photos of ladder losers and leaders.

In a press release announcing the Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers competition, the group noted, “When it comes to working at height, knowing how to use your equipment is just as important as getting it in the first place. The Ladder Exchange means nothing if brand new ladders are used unsafely, so we are on a mission to highlight these dangerous errors as much as possible.”

At the same time, the group said it also wanted to highlight safe and proper ladder use to show people across social media how it should be done.

From what we could see on the association’s Facebook page, this year’s competition was not as popular as the past several years, with only two photos posted during the competition’s timeframe, both of them categorized as “Ladder Losers.” You will find the two submitted between Oct. 1 and Nov. 11 – including the one that received the most "likes" – at the end of the slideshow.

“This year’s winning entry, as in previous years, only serves to reinforce the need for continuous education and training in the work at height sector,” said Gary Chudleigh, marketing and communications officer for the Ladder Association.

Since a two-photo slideshow isn’t much fun, we found some other photos submitted to the Ladder Association over past year or so to remind everyone that ladder safety remains an ongoing challenge; one that we will address in the March issue of EHS Today in an issue dedicated to the first National Ladder Safety Month here in the United States.

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