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Bios products are trusted by flow professionals because of their exceptional accuracy, reliability and ease of operations. With proven DryCal® technology, each Bios product is a true primary standard, backed by full compliance with rigorous government and industry standards, offering better defensibility for the flow data.

The Defender is a volumetric primary standard gas flow calibrator.  The 520 model also records the ambient temperature and pressure conditions. 

Optimizer Software
All of our calibrators come with the Optimizer collect light software, which allows you to automatically download and manage flow data to an Excel spreadsheet.  We also offer an upgrade to this software for an additional cost.

The Integrator™ 110 is a command, control and readout system that allows you to make your flow verifications semi or fully-automate.

Met Labs
The Met Lab® Series of high-precision primary gas flow calibrator offers exceptional low uncertainties to meet the most stringent laboratory and industrial requirements.

Definer 220
The Bios Definer 220 is a primary gas flow calibrator offering accuracy of 1% standardized and 0.75% volumetric, with a host of options for personal customization.  

Bios Gas Flow Bench
Our flow benches offer practical engineered solutions for calibration of gas flow measurement devices configured to provide the stable flow critical to the calibration process.

Definer 1020
Definer 1020 is our high flow primary gas flow calibrator with the range of 5 to 500 liters per minute, up to 10 times the volume of any other calibrator on the market!

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