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EHS - Sponsored by Avetta

Webinar: Making the Case for Safety & Sustainability

An EHS Today-hosted webinar, sponsored by Avetta

Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: Webinar On Demand
Cost: Free

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To ensure an organization's business model is ever growing and sustainable, they must include the concept of safety and human capital as a material issue. A core element for long-term value and success is the continued safety and health of the organization's most valuable asset - people. This webinar is designed to discuss this concept.

Presentation learning objectives:

  • Why is safety core to the sustainability of my organization?
  • What risk to 3 P’s (Profits, People, and Planet) come from my organization’s supply chain?
  • How do we imbed safety into my sustainability goals?
  • How do I see this into my supply chain?
  • How do we get executives or my board to make the link between long-term value and our safety goals?



Tom Cecich, Avetta Strategic Advisory Board Member & Former Pres. of ASSE 

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