LIVE Webinar: The Courage to Care

Presenter: Scott Geller
Professor & Director
Center for Applied Behavior Systems Department of Psychology
Virginia Tech

This webinar will provide participants with practical evidence-based strategies for injury prevention. For more than three decades, a number of behavioral scientists have conducted field studies to develop and evaluate intervention strategies to improve safety-related behaviors in industrial, community, and institutional settings. As a result, a number of evidence-based techniques have been identified to increase safe behavior and/or decrease the frequency of at-risk behavior.

During this webinar, Dr. Geller will discuss Interpersonal Intervention and Courage, How Can Courage Be Encouraged, and Culture and The Courage To Actively Care. He will examine excuses and barriers given for the lack of large-scale application of effective interpersonal interventions. Three dimensions of human dynamics related to leadership will be explained: Competence, Commitment, and Courage. Four person states that influence courage – self-esteem, belongingness, personal control, and optimism - will be discussed. Dr. Geller will then review practical application of evidence-based interpersonal intervention strategies.

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