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Webinar: Protecting Employees from Severe Weather Threats

An EHS Today-hosted webinar, sponsored by Earth Networks

Duration: 45 Minutes
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Cost: Free

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Weather has a direct impact on any working environment. This impact is even stronger for corporations with outdoor or remote employees. Storms, air quality, and lightning present challenges to many different facets of EHS management. Join Jeff Mayerczak, Director of Product Management with Earth Networks, to learn about their award-winning automated weather visualization tool, Sferic Maps, which provides a total view of incoming weather as well as collaborative emergency response tools and customizable alerts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what can be measured about storms, air quality and lighting
  • How to identify potential weather-related job hazards before they occur
  • How to automatically notify employees when there is a safety risk due to weather

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Jeff Mayerczak, Director, Product Management, Earth Networks

Jeff leads the delivery of advanced severe weather solutions to commercial and public markets across the globe. Jeff works with EHS professionals to integrate weather intelligence solutions into their operations and keep employees safe. By reducing the risk of weather to employee safety, organizations are increasing employee morale and productivity.

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