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DON’T GET BURNED BY THE CONFUSION: A Safety Manager’s Guide to Understanding FR Rainwear

Since the late 1990s, the creation of standards and test methods for rainwear designed to protect workers against electric-arc and flash-fire hazards has expanded the definition of FR rainwear. However, some manufacturers and distributors have continued to market their products as “FR rainwear” by citing a decades-old test method that establishes minimal flame resistance – causing some confusion in the marketplace.

This whitepaper outlines best practices to consider when approaching the selection process. It also explains the three categories of FR rainwear and provides an overview of the applicable test methods and standards, with the goal of helping safety managers minimize the chances that their workers will get burned by the confusion surrounding FR rainwear.

After reading the whitepaper, take the FR rainwear quiz here.

Provided by Tingley Rubber Corporation

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