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EBook: Managing an Effective Training Program

EBook: Managing an Effective Training Program

Get up-to-date on the latest training techniques with this latest eBook from EHS Today.

EHS training offers a number of immediate benefits to companies, such as bringing new and current employees up-to-speed on the proper ways to use equipment while protecting themselves in the process, as well as remaining in compliance with various industry regulations. And yet, while the benefits of training are tangible, developing the right kind of program can be elusive. Finding new workers by itself is challenging, and employees are changing jobs much more frequently than before. So how do you properly train both long-time employees who think they’ve seen it all along with the Millennials who have to be convinced that safety training will be worth their time?

In this special eBook guide to safety training, we’ll look at some of the innovative ways EHS managers have developed to best prepare and train their workforce in safety best practices. We’ll examine new training techniques, such as microlearning and blended learning, that allow workers to feel more engaged in the training process while learning at their own pace. And you’ll discover why training doesn’t have to be just “one more thing to do” but can deliver real-world returns on time and investment.

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