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EHSFIT: Finding Your Passion

EHSFIT: Finding Your Passion

Staying active in cooler temperatures and avoiding cabin fever can be quite the challenge. For me, it’s always a balance between the cold and precipitation this time of year. It’s not much different than assessing risk in the workplace.

I always ask a set of questions: What is the temperature? If it is between 30°F and 40°F, what are the conditions of the trails in the park? Is there ice? Are the roads and sidewalks clear? What clothing do I need to keep my skin and body protected?

And, if I do decide to go outside in winter weather, I follow the three-layer rule outlined in EHS Today’s Dec. 2016 issue. Just like a structured safety plan, your health and wellness should become part of your personal culture, your set of core beliefs, values and your passion.

If you don’t like running or lifting weights or swimming, then you won’t believe that it’s going to help. After a while, you’ll lose sight of your goals.

As an EHS professional, it’s a constant struggle to convey your message to employees, just like it’s hard to get yourself motivated to meet your personal objectives.

This year is about finding your passion for health and wellness - something that will get you excited and motivated. 

Have you found that activity yet? What have you tried so far? Use the hashtag #EHSFIT or comment here to share your story with other EHS Today readers!

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