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Top Construction Stories of 2022

Dec. 28, 2022
EHS Today editors share their top picks for the year’s best construction safety articles.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without construction workers. Literally. They built the building, house or other structure you’re standing (or sitting) in this very moment.

Their impact is profound, and our economy would come to a screeching halt if they stopped. That’s why they were declared an essential service during the early days of COVID-19 lockdowns, alongside healthcare workers.

Construction has always been a dangerous field, but the past few years have pushed the industry to the limit. COVID-19, mental health concerns, labor shortages, and substance use and addiction have made it more difficult to keep workers safe, both on and off the clock. It’s also made it more challenging to retain and attract workers.

There are no shortages of other woes facing the construction industry, including supply chain delays and higher costs of raw goods. But there are also a number of reasons why construction workers can be proud—and a number of lessons we can learn from the construction industry as a whole.

These articles, as chosen by the editors of EHS Today, highlight some of those strides forward. They showcase how the industry is learning to adopt technology to appeal to the next generation of workers. They show how technology can be adapted to make the work less grueling and more inclusive. They also recognize the accomplishments of a select few that have been named to the 2022 class of America’s Safest Companies.

We hope you enjoy these reads and that they leave you inspired and rearing to get started as we head into 2023, full of new and exciting possibilities. 

Building a Safer Culture in Construction

A look at how technology and an agile mindset can make jobsites safer.

Read the article here.

A Spotlight on Women in Construction and Safety

Women share their experiences and identify opportunities to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Read the article here.

How COVID-19 is Impacting Construction Workers

Now, more than ever, construction workers need mental health support.

Read the article here.

Augmented Reality Could Attract Construction Workers

Augmented reality tech can help create a safer environment, especially in the most complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing situations.

Read the article here.

The Pandemic’s Lasting Digital Impression on Construction Safety

Technology has become essential to the implementation of health and safety measures at construction sites.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: Ballard Marine Construction

Ballard knows you can't put a price on safety—and that the true ROI is fewer injuries, more comradery and better safety culture.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: Lauger Companies Inc.

Over the past 17 years, the commercial and industrial construction company has worked 900,000 hours with zero workplace recordable incidents.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: Lindblad Construction

An enthusiastic safety department helps propel Lindblad’s proactive approach to construction safety.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: MetroPower

At MetroPower, safety is not just a philosophy – it’s a moral obligation to protect the company and its co-workers.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: Russell Marine

A culture of safety excellence has helped the construction company attract more business and more talented employees.

Read the article here.

America's Safest Companies 2022: Tri-City Electric Co.

There's no settling for second-best. The electrical construction company is always looking to do more—and do better.

Read more here.

Doing More with Less: EHS Today's 2022 National Safety and Salary Survey

Safety professionals share how they're getting by, what they're making and how they feel about OSHA in our annual state of the industry survey.

View the survey and accompanying data here.  

About the Author

Nicole Stempak

Nicole Stempak is managing editor of EHS Today and conference content manager of the Safety Leadership Conference.

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