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Health, Well-being and Workforce Trends: What You’re Reading This Month

May 27, 2022
The world is quickly changes, and there’s much to keep up with. That’s what this month’s web traffic suggests.

It’s incredible to think that the world’s knowledge is in our back pocket and at our fingertips—that is, whenever we’re not aimlessly scrolling on social media.

We remember back in 2010 when we heard Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, quantify how much just how much information that is: "From the dawn of civilization to 2003, five exabytes of data were created. The same amount was created in the last two days."

That pace has quickened since the creation, widespread adoption and rising popularity of content creation platforms. It’s also meant that we crave and consume much more information, like we’re drinking from the firehose.

We see some extent of that in our web metrics this month. You’re reading a lot of stories and listening to our new podcast, Talking EHS. We don’t see any particular patterns or themes to the types of material you’re consuming, only that you are eager to read the latest news and as much of it as you can.

We understand the feeling—and frankly the pressure—of having to always be on. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’d be remiss if we also didn’t mention the importance of taking care of yourself. Sometimes, you need time (even if it’s just 5 minutes) to quiet the noise and distractions and focus on your breath. Other times, you need more help from a professional. Wherever you are, we hope you are able to see that self-care is not selfish; caring for yourself is necessary to your job of keeping others safe.

We hope you can make the time to focus on your physical, mental and emotional health, in whatever way you need. EHS Today is here to help, in whatever way we can.

ASSP New Measurement Aims to Prevent Injuries

The new standard uses a balanced measurement approach, using leading, lagging and impact metrics.

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Regulatory Update: Cal/OSHA Issues Latest COVID-19 ETS

Update tweaks earlier standards and applies until end of the year.

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Turnover to Jump 20% from Prepandemic Level

Some reasons for the increase are misalignment with leaders and a desire for flexibility.

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How to Protect Workers from Falls from Height

OSHA's annual Safety-Stand Down Week aims to prevent falls and reduce avoidable fatalities for construction workers.

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Half of All Americans Have MSK Pain

Musculoskeletal care consumes one-sixth of employer-sponsored plan dollars and costs $600 billion.

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Tips to Build Mental Strength

Positive visualization, trying something new, control, confidence, and commitment are all ways to increase your mental strength.

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Employee Health May be Key to Addressing the ‘Great Resignation’

Better healthcare options are a top reason why employees are looking to leave their jobs.

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Changing Patterns of Abuse Make it Harder to Stay Drug-Free

Widespread legalization of marijuana muddies the waters for employers.

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Time to get Serious about Sustainability

Investors and customers want sustainability; regulators may require it. Are organizations ready to meet their demands?

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Do More than Just Send Messages During an Emergency

Mass notification systems now use mobile and critical event management capabilities to automate an organization’s safety plans.

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Do You Work at One of America’s Safest Companies?

EHS Today is accepting applications until July 1 for the 2022 class of America's Safest Companies.

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Talking EHS, Episode 1: A Conversation with Terry Mathis

In this first episode of our new podcast series, we talk with safety guru Terry Mathis about how to instill a culture of safety and inspire a new generation of safety leaders.

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