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5 Ways To Make Your Workspace Less Stressful

A successful company is one that makes its employees want to work for them. Happy, healthy employees will make a business' reputation soar.

Work-related stress is one of the leading causes of physical and mental illness all over the world.

Many workplaces are very stressful environments with coworker conflicts, monotonous hours, and the struggle to meet expectations and deadlines.

Employee stress costs thousands of dollars in healthcare and leads to rising insurance costs for employees and companies alike. At the same time, companies may not be able to compensate for these rising costs. Stress may cause employees to take too much time off or even to quit their jobs.

Wellness programs and on-site counseling can be very expensive for a workplace to employ. But alleviating stress in the workplace can be easy and affordable too.

Here are five different ways to keep employees healthy and happy on the job.

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