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office germs infographic

The Attack of Office Germs [Infographic]

Employees showing up for work while sick, vending machines coated in germs and coworkers skipping the soap after using the restroom: These are just a few of the germ concerns that surface in the workplace.

One in three office workers have witnessed coworkers leaving the restroom without washing their hands. Nearly three-quarters of Americans typically go to work when they’re sick. And the average person is exposed to 840,000 germs every day. If those bits of trivia make you squirm, take a look at the infographic below for tips on staying sanitary and healthy at work.

The “Office Germs: Safe for Work?” infographic from Best Choice Reviews reveals why keeping clean and healthy in the workplace may be harder than you think.

Some of the infographic's findings, particularly in the "Just how dirty is my office?" section, are courtesy of Kimberly-Clark Professional's March 2012 study, which collected nearly 5,000 swabs from office buildings.

View the infographic below to learn more about office germs; how many employees feel guilty about calling off sick; how many workers decline meetings where sick coworkers will be in attendance; and more:

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