Business Travel Hacks for Road Warriors [Photo Gallery]

This is a busy time of year for conferences and events. Add end-of-year planning with remote clients or locations into the mix and you may find yourself on the road more than in the office.

With so much going on, your road warrior self may fall behind on completing actual work and feel overwhelmed. If only the world would stop turning while you’re on the road, right?

 Angela Leavitt is a sales and marketing expert and an avid traveler. As the founder of Mojo Marketing, she has helped more than 150 companies create targeted and effective marketing strategies in the B2B tech space, especially the telecom, IT and cloud industries. Known as an accomplished public speaker, Leavitt has been a regular presenter at ITExpo, COMPTEL, Channel Partners and Cloud Partners conferences, as well as numerous corporate meetings and events. She knows as well as anyone the toll that travel can take on your work life.

So what can you do if you travel frequently for work and want to stay on top of things while maintaining your sanity? These business travel hacks from Leavitt will help to keep you productive and stress-free while on the road.

TAGS: Safety
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