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Michigan Manufacturers Vow to Continue Opposition to Ergonomics Legislation

The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA), in its 2007 Michigan Manufacturing Agenda, is focusing on legislative priorities to improve the manufacturing climate in Michigan.

The MMA agenda calls for reforming business taxes to ensure fairness, reducing and streamlining regulations, protecting Michigan's tort reforms that were implemented in the 1990s, reducing health care costs, developing a productive workforce and encouraging economic development and trade.

In the regulatory arena, MMA vowed to continue to oppose attempts to impose state-based, mandatory ergonomic standards that are more burdensome than federal requirements.

“Unlike other health and safety standards, ergonomics is not a black-and-white issue,” said Chuck Hadden, MMA vice president of government affairs. “An ergonomic control that works for one employee in one company won't necessarily work for another worker in a second company. That's why a mandatory state ergonomic standard would be both burdensome and costly. Mandating ergonomics by promulgating a standard that all businesses must comply with is not the way to go.”

MMA says it will oppose any regulations “that are not rooted in sound science and that do not provide a measurable benefit.” In addition, the association will urge state agencies to improve efficiencies in timing and paperwork of regulatory programs.

“Outdated, onerous and unfair public policies are hindering manufacturers' ability to compete, grow and provide jobs in this state,” said John MacIlroy, MMA president and CEO. “Our agenda calls for lawmakers to change or adopt policies that will have the most immediate, positive effect.”

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