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PA Governor Rendell Proclaims ‘Employ Older Workers Week’

Gov. Edward G. Rendell proclaimed this week as “Employ Older Workers” week in Pennsylvania to recognize the significant contributions of older workers across the state.

More than 15 percent of Pennsylvania’s population is over 65. While some older adults continue working out of financial necessity, others do so because they enjoy being active and making a difference in society. Also, many older Pennsylvanians perform important volunteer work as a way to remain active and vital in their older years.

Estimates show that by 2020, there will be 3.2 million people over 60 in Pennsylvania. Many of them will be ready and able to work and make use of their skills, which will contribute to the success of the companies that hire them.

In his proclamation, the governor noted that a MetLife Emerging Retirement Model Study found that 74 percent of employers are concerned about a “knowledge drain” that occurs when older workers enter retirement. “Older workers bring assets to the workplace, such as responsibility, loyalty, dedication and the ability to be effective mentors to younger employees,” said Rendell.

“I encourage employers to recognize and value the talents of the commonwealth’s older workers,” he added.

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