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Vacation time goes unused for many Americans

Leaving Vacation Time On the Table [Infographic]

A new infographic from Rasmussen College reveals that some American workers forgo using all of their available vacation time, may be reluctant to ask for time off or don’t feel they receive enough vacation time.

Are we living in a “no vacation nation?” According to a new infographic compiled by Rasmussen College, which highlights the limited vacation time available to some U.S. workers and how often employees leave their available vacation on the table, the answer just might be “yes.”

According to the infographic, “Vacation Time Goes Unused by Many Americans,” Americans gave up an estimated 226 million vacation days in 2011. Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests that more than $34.3 billion worth of time was lost on unused vacation days.

Vacation time is important for American workers, who say they would give up anything from their next promotion to an hour of sleep every day for an additional 5 days of vacation time every year. And 60 percent of American workers believe they deserve more time off.

Taking time off from work helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, feel refreshed and perhaps even increase on-the-job productivity. But some workers feel hesitant to ask their employees for time off, feel they don’t receive enough vacation time or feel too busy or consumed with their jobs to take the time off even if it is available.

View the infographic below to learn more.

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