Ring in the New Year Safely

It's New Year's Eve and you just want to celebrate with friends, have a glass or two of champagne, watch the ball drop, toss some confetti and have fun. That's all fine and good – but be sure to also keep these important safety tips in mind.

Crime doesn't take a holiday during New Year’s, so be smart, be safe and start the year off right. Marcia Peot, a police officer and chief safety officer at StreetSafe, offers the following safety reminders to keep your New Year's Eve:

· Don't let your guard down. Holidays, including New Year's Eve, are not an excuse to throw caution to the wind.
· Don't leave your drink unattended and don’t become intoxicated.
· Stay in groups or use the buddy system. Remember, you are more likely to become a target if you are alone. Select a place to meet should you get separated, and check that your buddy got home safely at the end of the night.
· Have a plan for how you will get home once the confetti has fallen. Don't find yourself stranded.
· Don't use the festive atmosphere as an excuse to do something foolish, out of character or unsafe.
· Be careful what you post online when you’re out and about. Don't advertise that you are not at home.
· The beaten path is the better path. Familiarize yourself with the area and avoid shortcuts before heading out.

Now let's all raise our glasses to a safe and healthy 2012.

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