New Book Explores Relationship between Stress and Illness

Paths to Health and Resilience, a new workbook and self-help book by Dr. Richard H. Rahe, educates readers on how to increase their resilience to illness by managing the stress in their lives.

Rahe has decades of experience as a psychiatrist working with returning prisoners of war and a former consultant to the United Nations regarding international war crime victims, Through his research and training, Rahe realized there was a direct correlation between the mind’s stress level and the body's resilience to illness.

Paths to Health and Resilience outlines the five main forms of stress and five ways of coping. Through a series of exercises, readers calculate their degree of illness risk and resilience based on the main stress factors in their lives. According to Rahe, by identifying primary stress indicators and understanding how one responds to and copes with stress, individuals can learn the steps to take toward improved health and wellbeing.

Rahe hopes Paths to Health and Resilience will increase readers understanding of several potentially harmful dimensions of stress, as well as impart tested strategies for coping with stress. Rahe believes that the balance between stress and coping in a person's life determines his risk of future illness.

Paths to Health and Resilience is available online at and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

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