Center for Health Value Innovation Announces Leading Initiatives in Value-Based Health Design

The Center for Health Value Innovation recently announced its 2009 Executive Board of the Board of Directors, a team of thought leaders poised to help raise awareness and adoption of value-based health care benefits design at a time when the Center says organizations, employers and the country need it most.

This team also will continue educating and providing insight and guidance to the Center's growing membership.

"As we head into what promises to be a tough year for our nation, we will continue to work with communities and stakeholder organizations that share our enthusiasm and interest in vigorously promoting aligned incentives," said Cyndy Nayer, president and CEO of The Center. Collectively, we are confident that this platform will improve economic security through individual health and productivity, reduction of the healthcare cost trend, and ultimately lower consumption of health resources."

The Center for Health Value Innovation 2009 Executive Board of the Board of Directors includes:

  • Mike Taylor, M.D., Chair. Taylor is the CMO for Health Promotion at Caterpillar.
  • Cyndy Nayer, president and CEO, The Center for Health Value Innovation.
  • Jack Mahoney, M.D., CMO, The Center for Health Value Innovation.
  • Peter Hayes, secretary. Hayes is the director of Healthcare Strategy for Hannaford Brothers Grocery.
  • Greg Judd, director at large, The Center for Health Value Innovation.
  • Robert Kritzler, M.D., vice president of communications. Kritzler is the deputy medical officer for Johns Hopkins Health Care.
  • Chris McSwain, vice president of membership. McSwain is the director of global benefits for Whirlpool.
  • Kavita Nair, RPH, vice president of finance, government, and ethics/ treasurer. Nair is an assistant professor with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
  • Ray Zastrow, M.D., vice president of health evidence. Zastrow is president of Quad Med.

"The Center will continue to grow with the help of these stellar directors," Nayer added. "As a team, we are committed to innovations that will work to fix this country's broken health care system. By leveraging The Center's tools and experience, we expect to make a real difference in the way healthcare is purchased and delivered. We will continue to rely upon our directors and members who represent some of the brightest minds in the value-based benefits revolution."

The Center for Health Value Innovation is an organization dedicated to establishing value and producing evidence for sustainable health and financial improvement.

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