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Workplace wellness programs can improve employee health

Study: Workplace Wellness Programs Cut Costs and Improve Health

A new study shows that workplace wellness programs may improve employee health, increase worker productivity and cut costs for employers.

An independent analysis focusing on workplace wellness programs provided by Interactive Health Solutions suggests that such programs may lead to improved employee health, increased productivity and reduced costs for employers.

The study, conducted by Zoe Consulting Inc., examined multiple years of medical claim data, including health care spending, workers’ compensation and short-term disability claims, from both Interactive Health Solutions clients and a control group.

Highlights from the study’s findings include:

  • The program reduced medical spending by up to $1,332 per member per year, as compared to spending forecasts.
  • On average, the program saved $2,554 per workers’ compensation claimant and $451 per short-term disability claimant.
  • Program participants returned to work up to 9 days sooner from workers’ compensation.
  • Program participants returned to work 17 days sooner from short-term disability.
  • Employers experienced a 6 percent average annual medical cost trend reduction.
  • Employers yielded a 13.5 percent average annual medical cost trend reduction for members with core conditions (asthma, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, diabetes and hypertension).
  • 85 percent of program participants maintained or reduced their health risk level.

The Interactive Health Solutions wellness program focuses on identifying those at risk for core conditions – asthma, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, diabetes and hypertension – and controlling or mitigating those conditions through early detection and prescribed therapies. Participants are encouraged to focus on proactive health care versus reactive health care.

“We are pleased to report from our independent analysis that Interactive Health Solutions’ scientific and highly personalized approach to wellness impacts the populations they serve,” said Robin Foust, president of Zoe Consulting Inc. “This study should serve as a beacon for the entire industry.”

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