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Arthur Middleton ‘Losers’ Drop 703 Pounds in Weight Loss Contest

April 5, 2010 marked the start of the Biggest Loser Contest at Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings Inc. The annual contest is an adapted version of the NBC hit show. And similar to that television program, Arthur Middleton’s contest inspired associates to lose a total of 703 pounds over 12 weeks.

Associates from the company’s two locations in Canton and North Canton, Ohio, spent countless hours in the Health and Wellness Center, a gym staffed with two professional trainers, located at one of the facilities and available to all associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge.

“The biggest loser contest really motivated associates to use the Health and Wellness Center,” said Deena Beke, health and wellness instructor. “We hope that associates have developed lasting, healthy habits and continue working towards their weight loss goals.”

The purpose of the contest is to jump-start a healthy, long-term diet and exercise program, and help make these changes part of a new lifestyle, as opposed to a temporary quick fix. Associates have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with trainers Deena Beke and Angelica Maghiar to talk through their fitness goals and to create an exercise plan that suits their specific needs.

In addition to increasing physical activity, associates bypassed local fast food joints and opted for more reasonable choices like salads, fruit and vegetables, and lean proteins to aid in their weight loss success.

The top two associates were Corine Nichols and Craig Rooney, based on percentage of weight loss. They were announced at celebration award ceremonies on July 20 and July 23. Each received a $50 gift card to Giant Eagle, a paid half day off work, a Health and Wellness Center water bottle and a sports bag filled with healthy snacks.

“What I’ve learned from this contest is that all it takes to lose weight is some physical activity and watching my food intake,” said Nichols, who lost 23.5 lbs., or
14.6 percent of her body weight. “Once I started at Arthur Middleton’s 8000 facility, I was on the go all day long. It seemed like this constant activity helped the pounds drop off, which kept me motivated. I soon noticed my clothes getting bigger, and the best reward for me was going out and buying jeans one size smaller - something I haven’t been able to do in years.”

Craig Rooney lost 35 lbs, which was 12.1 percent of his body weight. “I am happy that my co-workers asked me to join their “Biggest Loser” team, as it provided a much needed push to get me started exercising and watching what I eat,” he said. “I am trying to lose 100 pounds overall and participation in the contest has helped me get about a third of the way there. Exercise is a big part of how I am trying to lose weight, and having access to the Health and Wellness Center has been a tremendous benefit.”

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