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Your Boss is Insane
<p> Your boss might be more than just bad. He or she might be a psychopath.</p>

Why Your Boss Might Be Crazy [Infographic]

Corporate leaders are four times more likely to be psychopaths than the average population and one-third of workers think their boss needs therapy.

On average, we spend 16 hours a week worrying about what our boss will think and only 25 hours a week actually working. The reason for this, according to research, is that a high percentage of corporate leaders display psychopathic traits. They can be extremely charming but highly manipulative, and don’t feel guilty about using you, and your work (as in taking credit for your work), to get ahead.

Only 36 percent of American workers reported they were happy at their jobs and bosses appear largely to blame. In fact, 65 percent of workers surveyed said a better boss would make them happier at work; only 35 percent chose a pay raise.

Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they would do a better job at work if they got along better with their boss. Additionally, almost 70 percent of respondents said they would be happier at work if they got along better with their boss. With close to 15 percent of respondents reporting feeling bored, lonely and miserable at work, a little added happiness could only help.

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