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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Railroad Safety and the Art of Selling Safety: What You’re Reading in March

March 31, 2023
A look at some of the month’s most popular stories, as determined by you.

March is always a month of anticipation and change. We move the clocks forward, celebrate meteorological spring and, if we’re lucky, see the first daffodils and hyacinths peek up from the ground.

This year is no exception, but it’s difficult for me to be as optimistic given some of the other events that have happened this month.

The damage from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment continues to unfold. There have been several other train derailments, including a train carrying ethanol that caught fire in western Minnesota on March 30.

There was another school shooting, this time in Nashville, Tenn. As a post-Columbine student, I remember the lockdown drills. But I have no words for the deaths of those elementary students and adults.

Spring also ushers in tornado season. Last week, a tornado killed 21 people in Mississippi and devastated the town. Meteorologists are warning residents in parts of the Midwest and South to be ready for more dangerous weather this weekend.

All of these events, directly or indirectly, have an impact on workplace safety. These are trying times with no shortages of challenges to address and things to worry about. That’s why we here at EHS Today are so grateful for the work you do, day in and day out. We’re here to support you in any way we can.

For now, here are a look at some of the most popular stories of the month, as determined by readers. I hope you will find some insights and ideas for ways you can help make workplaces safer. Until next time, be safe, keep well and stay strong.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

The deadly New York City fire transformed labor practices and laws at the local, state and national level.

View photos from that day here.

The 8 Habits of a Highly Effective Safety Culture

Developing these habits will help create a safety culture in which it is safe for employees to fail.

Read more here.

Top 10 Most Sustainable US Companies

Sustainable revenue now makes up half of the gross revenue for the companies on Corporate Knights Global 100.

See the companies here.

The 12 Most Dangerous Companies of 2022

National COSH is back with an all-new list of companies for its annual compilation of the Dirty Dozen.

See the companies here.

Milliken’s Blueprint for Removing PFAS from Operations

The company became the first textile manufacturer to remove PFAS from operations, even exiting business lines when necessary.

Read more here.

The Art of Selling Safety

To be an effective safety professional, you need to know how to craft a message—and convince employees that safety is in everyone’s best interest.

Read more here.

Regulatory Update: A New Day is Dawning for Rail Safety

The Ohio derailment incident has exposed several areas impacting rail and worker safety.

Read more here.

How to Create a Happy Company

A study from Robert Half offers six practices that will make employees happy, and productive.

Read more here.

Regulatory Update: New Safety Alert on Hazards of Emergency Discharges from Pressure Release Valves

The alert is a result of an investigation into the deaths and injuries from hazards identified with emergency pressure-relief systems.

Read more here.

How to Manage Workers’ Comp for Remote Workers

You can’t just phone it in with workers’ comp when it comes to remote workers.

Read more here.

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