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Oregon OSHA Seeks Grant Applications for Workplace Safety Innovations

July 11, 2017
Oregon’s state-run occupational health and safety agency is accepting submissions for high-hazard industries such as construction or agriculture.

Companies in high-hazard industries such as construction and agriculture have the opportunity to apply for grants through Oregon’s state-run OSHA.

The Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Grant Program, which was established in 1990, is aimed at assisting companies monetarily with the development of innovative safety and health programs.

Grants focus on specific work processes to reduce or eliminate hazards in high-risk industries such as construction or agriculture. Employers, labor groups, schools affiliated with a labor groups or nonprofit organizations may request up to $40,000 per grant project.

Employers are not allowed to use grants to pay for training for their workers.  Rather, the agency encourages projects such as mobile apps, videos or online educational games to engage the workforce.

The materials grant recipients develop become the property of Oregon OSHA. They are stored in the agency’s resource center and are available to the public.

Past grant project examples that have been submitted to the agency’s program include:

  • Development of safe-lifting guidelines
  • Spanish-language flip charts designed to help prevent heat-related illness among forest workers
  • An educational program for nurses to prevent ergonomic-related injuries.

Award recommendations are made by Oregon OSHA’s Safe Employment Education and Training Advisory Committee, a group with members from business, labor and government, according to the agency.

Applications, which are due by Friday, Oct. 6, are available on the agency's grant page. For more information, contact Teri Watson at 503-947-7406 or [email protected].

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