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Seattle Company Transitions Military Training Platform to Civilian Uses

Reality Response, a division of Advanced Interactive Systems Inc. will receive $1 million for program work in the Department of Defense, Office of Homeland Defense and will use the funding to transition its simulation training software from a purely military training platform to a nationwide multi-responder training and exercise solution.

"This government funding will assist in software development to bring military-quality simulation to the civilian homeland security community," said Steve Kalman, CEO of Advanced Interactive Systems. He noted the support of U.S. Congressman Adam Smith, D-Wash., in acquiring the funding.

Reality Response is developing an innovative SVSTM product family that employs highly realistic, 3-D interactive models to support large-scale training and exercises over a PC- and Internet-deployed, distributed network. The "scenario training" assists the trainees in becoming confidant and well-prepared before they respond to a real event.

The SVS platform allows a large number of participants (responders, enemy, bystanders, etc.) to engage in exercises where their animated image operates in the virtual world the way they would operate in the real world. Police have weapons, radios and other equipment found in real life. HazMat responders can wear protective clothing and use virtual contamination detection equipment. Commanders can observe all of the participants from any perspective, flying above the incident or sitting on the "virtual" shoulder of an individual participant. Each exercise is digitally recorded, allowing after action reviews to be conducted as soon as the exercise is complete, from any perspective -- a high level view or through the "eyes" of any participant.

Kalman believes the software promotes an increased level of preparedness, and enhances collective team building across responder agencies. The simulation training offers a high-fidelity and cost-effective platform for responder training for event rehearsal, security management, public health safety and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive events.

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