Review of Chemistry for Emergency Response

The U.S. Fire Administration, an element of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Preparedness Directorate, has released a self-study refresher on CD-ROM titled, "Review of Chemistry for Emergency Response."

This CD-ROM is designed as a refresher opportunity to enhance and support the National Fire Academy (NFA) course, Chemistry for Emergency Response (R233). This course of study is conducted at off-campus training sites throughout the nation as well as at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC). The Chemistry for Emergency Response (R233) is a 2-week program that includes extensive discussion and intensive problem-solving applications of "street" chemistry for students serving as emergency responders with technical and tactical responsibilities for operations during hazardous materials incidents within their jurisdictions.

The Review of Chemistry for Emergency Response self-study refresher allows graduates to review the course content periodically at their job sites or homes to reinforce their classroom experience. As with the 2-week course, the self-study refresher includes interactive content presentations, practical applications and test items.

Students successfully completing the 2-week course at the NETC will receive a copy of the self-study CD-ROM prior to graduating. The content in this CD-ROM computer-based training is not intended to be a stand-alone chemistry course. It is intended to refresh and review information delivered in a classroom setting by a competent instructor. Graduates at off-campus sites, resident deliveries, and other interested persons may order a copy online or through the USFA Publications Center at (800) 561-3356.

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