Chicago First Responders Save Iraq War Veteran

A Chicago street, some ice and a piece of candy proved more treacherous than the battlefield for an Iraq War veteran on a goodwill mission.

A female veteran, recently returned to the United States after serving in the Iraq War, was delivering packages to other veterans on behalf of the Purple Hearts Veterans Association when she slipped on a patch of ice on a Chicago street. Unfortunately, she was eating a piece of candy when she fell, causing the candy to become lodged in her throat.

Chicago Fire Department Truck Co. 53 responded to a call about a person who was down on the street. When the firefighters of Truck 53 arrived, they saw her on the ground in distress. The firefighters assessed her condition, realized she was choking and began using abdominal thrust and back blows to dislodge what was choking her.

They quickly got a portion of the candy she was choking on released. Although she was able to breath, she indicated she still was having chest pains and respiratory problems. ALS Engine 125 arrived on the scene with a paramedic on board who utilized a medical instrument, which opens the airway, allowing the removal of the remaining obstruction.

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