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Mentoring Is a Top Offering in Career Development Programs

Mentoring Is a Top Offering in Career Development Programs

A new career development survey identifies mentoring as a top offering in career development programs.

The new career development survey measured what organizations are offering in their career development programs and, more specifically, what respondents deemed most effective for two groups: director-level and above, and for all employees below director level. Mentoring and special projects or situational challenges appear in the top three offerings for both groups and performance-driven coaching for director-level and above.
"Mentoring has been going on for centuries and remains an effective way to share knowledge, build skills, and prepare employees for a defined career path,” said Judy Corner, director of mentoring services for Insala, a global leader in Web-based mentoring software solutions and services. "Its acknowledged use in career development programs today tells us we are capitalizing on knowledgeable mentor-ready employees to advise and prepare fellow employees."

This more collaborative, social learning approach using mentoring in various forms demonstrates that organizations are looking internally with mentoring relationships for development of employees.

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