Safety Leadership Conference 2016


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SLC 2016: Subcontractor Safety Requirements [Photo Gallery]

Sept. 29, 2016
Choosing the right subcontractor is crucial to ensuring site-specific safety plans are followed and employees go home safely each night.Joel Pickering, senior vice president of...
What seems like a minor OSHA infraction with a small fine actually could be a trap for employers, setting up a situation where – if the infraction isn't abated, occurs again or occurs at another facility – the company is hit with a 'repeat' violation and a huge fine.
Safety Leadership Conference 2016

SLC 2016: OSHA Citations: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Sept. 29, 2016
OSHA’s super-sized change in fines makes it even more crucial for companies to avoid OSHA citations.
Scot Forge Co.
'Compliance officers will tell you that less than 10 percent of the injuries on the OSHA 300 log are the result of a missing OSHA program. I was thinking to myself, ‘What are we doing the other 90 percent of the time?’ We were our own worst enemy,” said John P. McGillivray, manager of safety and environmental for Scot Forge Inc.
Safety Leadership

SLC 2016: Advice from America’s Safest Companies: Scot Forge

Sept. 26, 2016
John P. McGillivray, manager of safety and environmental for Scot Forge Co., explained to attendees of the Safety Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh that the company was its ...
Left to right: Mike Bellaman, Ryan Odendahl and Jimmy Slaughter speak to SLC attendees
Safety Leadership Conference 2016

SLC 2016: Safety from the Top Down

Sept. 26, 2016
Industry CEOs and executives provide insight to Safety Leadership Conference attendees about what characteristics, experiences and actions make up a successful safety professional...
According to Pamela Walaski, director of health and safety at GAI Consultants Inc., 'The more employees are engaged, the more they recognize risk.'
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SLC 2016: Moving the Culture from Compliance to Risk Management

Sept. 23, 2016
The EHS profession has been undergoing a significant transformation in the past 10 years, beginning with the realization that, despite our best efforts, fatalities and serious...
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Safety Leadership Conference 2016

SLC 2016: PJ Dick and the Business of Safety [ Photo Gallery ]

Sept. 19, 2016
PJ Dick, Trumbull and Lindy Paving is working to bring industry rates down by “blending its safety and project operations into a single function,” as demonstrated during the constructio...
Safety Leadership Conference 2016

SLC 2016: Everyone Plays a Critical Role in Safety

Aug. 23, 2016
When employees actively participate in the safety process, it builds ownership and fosters leadership at every level.
In his opening keynote at the EHS Today's Safety Leadership Conference, Shawn Galloway will share how to take the greatest strategic thinking and focus it inside your organization.
Safety Leadership

SLC 2016: How to Capture New Value From Your Organization

Aug. 16, 2016
Shawn Galloway of ProAct Safety will deliver the opening keynote at EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference.
SBM Management
Employees of SBM Management work at the facilities of customers, making it especially important they are knowledgeable about safety and understand that they need to follow their employer's safety process.
Safety Leadership Conference 2016

SLC 2016: Implementing a Safety Focus at Safety Challenged Operations

Aug. 9, 2016
You know one of your operations has some safety challenges, or perhaps you are a contractor working on a site that is managed by another company. An America’s Safest Companies...